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What is Medicare Insurance?

Medicare is a government health insurance program for people 65 and older, or younger people with certain disabilities. It helps cover the cost of healthcare, like doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription drugs.

Medicare Insurance Coverage is What We Write

  • Hospital Stays (Part A)
  • Business interruption coverage
  • Preventive Services (like screenings and vaccines)
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Care
  • Prescription Drugs (Part D)

Medicare Insurance Plans for all cities in California

We provide medicare insurance coverage across every city in California, encompassing the following:

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Who is Not Eligible for Medicare?

  • Younger than 65: Unless they have certain disabilities or medical conditions.Not a U.S. Citizen or Legal
  • Resident: If they haven't lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years.
  • Didn't Work Enough: If they or their spouse haven't worked and paid Medicare taxes for at least 10 years.
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Who is Eligible for Medicare Insurance?

People who are 65 or older, or younger people with certain disabilities or specific medical conditions, are eligible for Medicare insurance.

What are the four types of Medicare?

  • Part A: Covers hospital stays.
  • Part B: Covers doctor visits and outpatient care.
  • Part C: Also known as Medicare Advantage, offers extra benefits through private insurance.
  • Part D: Covers prescription drugs.
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How much is Medicare per person per month?

  • Part A: Usually free if you worked and paid Medicare taxes.
  • Part B: Typically costs around $165 per month in 2023.
  • Part C: Varies by plan; can range from $0 to over $100 per month.
  • Part D: Varies by plan; usually between $10 and $70 per month.

Does Medicare cover 100% of hospital bills?

No, Medicare does not cover 100% of hospital bills. It helps with the costs, but you still have to pay some out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles and coinsurance.

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What Are The Three Requirements For Medicare - Farmers Insurance - Young Douglas.png__PID:5381cfb8-6910-42ba-8a63-66712d51dd5b

What are the three requirements for Medicare?

  • Age: You need to be 65 or older.
  • Disability: If you're younger than 65, you can qualify if you have certain disabilities.
  • Medical Conditions: You can qualify at any age if you have specific conditions like End-Stage Renal Disease or ALS.

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